The weekend

I had a great weekend at home and at my best friends house. Now I’m back at school, and almost ready for a new week. Almost.

I actually wore those shoes. Stole them, actually. For at least fifteen minutes. That is a lot when it’s me we’re talking about.

Those CakePops (bottom one) are the best thing I have ever eaten. Chocolate covered heaven.



“It’s impossible” said pride.
“It’s risky” said experience.
“It’s pointless” said reason.
“Give it a try” whispered the heart.

I took a picture of myself in the mirror and overslept.

I slept way too long today (not intentionally..) so I missed the Beat Box seminar we were supposed to have. But there is still a consert in half an hour or something (hooray for live music EVERY day :D), so that should be fun! Seriously. It sounded a bit sarcastic, but I am looking forward to it.

I’m sorry this is so stupid. My brain is still sleeping. We’re not on the same schedule.

Have a good Friday!


P.S. I’m going home for the weekend! Woohoo (that wasn’t sarcastic eighter.. For reals).



Pax turnes a whole year old today! (WHAT?!) It’s so weird. But I’m slowly realizing he’s not a baby anymore.. (not..)

Gratulerer med dagen, elskling ♥

I love you more than anything.


Recommendation Thursday.

I forgot last week, I know. But I’m back this week. Wootwoot.

Today’s artist; Marina and the Diamonds.

♥ I am not a robot – This is the first song I ever heard from her. It’s kinda old, but I love it.

So.. Lately I have caught myself listening  to Marina and the Diamonds a whole lot. Her music (especially the newer songs) is not something I would usually listen too, but she is completely awesome and I am so in love with both her and her music.

This girl, Mariana Lambrini Diamandis (hence, The Diamonds, whom she also calls her fans) from Wales has got a voice like no other. Her music videos are brilliant and different, and her lyrics are both honest and beautiful. Nuff said. (+ she likes the Beatles and John Lennon, so that is a BIG bonus.)

She is also probably the most beautiful human alive.

♥ Mowgli’s road – This video is so weird and wonderful.

♥ Primadonna – One of the newer ones, that  I didn’t think I would like. But I am addicted.

♥ Oh No – The video! Gotta love a comic music video!

I’m pretty sure I am a Diamond. How about you?


This is the real shit.

Everybody loves a happy ending, right?!

My view

Dette er utsikten min. Den jeg våkner opp til hver morgen, og ser hver gang jeg ser ut vinduet mitt her på skolen. Sommer, høst og vinter. Natt og dag. Jeg har etterhvert blitt ganske glad i den, og tar et bilde av den omtrent hver dag. Fordi den endrer  seg hele tiden.

Ingen av disse bildene er redigert, bortsett fra beskjæring og vannmerking. Det er helt naturlig lys og farger.

This is my view. The one I wake up to every morning, and see every time I look outside my window here at school. Summer, fall and winter. Night and day. I’ve become quite fond of it eventually, and take a picture of it just about every day. Because it changes so much. 

None of these pictures have been edited apart from cropping and watermarking. It’s all natural.

Have a good day/evening