When you can’t even trust your own body.

by missjuliealexandra

I have something called ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome, click here if you want to read more). I’ve had it for many years, and right now it’s taking over my body. A guy once said, “It feels something like having the flu after running a marathon…” and that is just about how I feel right now. I am in so much pain, and I’m so tired I can barely walk up the stairs… It’s a good thing I don’t have a lot of work to do now before the TOUR (!!!!) in EIGHT DAYS (WHAT?!).

But my head is happy and well, so that is good. When my body fails me, my head automatically shuts out bad things and emotions that steals my energy. Thank you head.

“All that you can dream,
all of that can happen.
Just like everything beautiful can burn.”

Drawing helps too. The words are from a song called “Philemon Arthur & the Dung” by the most amazing band Kaizers Orchestra. The drawings are inspired by their album covers. I was really bored yesterday.

I have started designing my future tattoo (five months left C:). This is just a quick sketch, but basically it’s a lotus, three roses and birds. This has got a lot of meaning to me, and I have thought about getting this since I got sick when I was eleven.