Recommendation Thursday.

by missjuliealexandra

I forgot last week, I know. But I’m back this week. Wootwoot.

Today’s artist; Marina and the Diamonds.

♥ I am not a robot – This is the first song I ever heard from her. It’s kinda old, but I love it.

So.. Lately I have caught myself listening  to Marina and the Diamonds a whole lot. Her music (especially the newer songs) is not something I would usually listen too, but she is completely awesome and I am so in love with both her and her music.

This girl, Mariana Lambrini Diamandis (hence, The Diamonds, whom she also calls her fans) from Wales has got a voice like no other. Her music videos are brilliant and different, and her lyrics are both honest and beautiful. Nuff said. (+ she likes the Beatles and John Lennon, so that is a BIG bonus.)

She is also probably the most beautiful human alive.

♥ Mowgli’s road – This video is so weird and wonderful.

♥ Primadonna – One of the newer ones, that  I didn’t think I would like. But I am addicted.

♥ Oh No – The video! Gotta love a comic music video!

I’m pretty sure I am a Diamond. How about you?